Registering for the SAT in the Philippines

What is the SAT?

If you are planning to take up your college degree overseas, you need to be familiar with the various international standardized tests. The most common one is the SAT. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test (it used to be called that). It is used for college admissions in the US. However, other countries require SAT too. Others will let you choose between taking the SAT or the ACT. The ACT (American College Testing) is another standardized test for college admissions.

Do I need to take it?

First of all, you need to check with the school you want to apply to. Some schools require that you take the SAT with the SAT Subject Test. Some require SAT with Essay. Make sure you check the specific requirement of the school before you shell out money (and time) to take the SAT.

How Do I register?

You may register via the College Board

1: You need to create an account at


2: You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully registered.

3: You have to provide your parent/guardian’s email address too.

4: Complete the Student Information section. Make sure you complete each field and if you’re not sure, check with your parent/guardian or your teachers.

5: Select a test date. Check the website of the school you wish to apply to for their application deadline. Take the test at least three months before their deadline.

6: Select a test venue. Remember, the venue might be in other places. In the Philippines, the venues are usually at international schools (i.e. Cebu International School, International School Manila), so be prepared to fly to other places just to take the test.

You can check out the test dates and venues at


7: Upload a picture. The picture must be representative of your current face – that includes your hairstyle, piercings (if any) or eyebrows. So don’t shave off your eyebrows a day before the test. They won’t let you in if you do not look like your picture. Also, take note of the photo guidelines at It specifies that you should be:

8: Select the schools where you want the scores to be sent to. Make sure you get the school code too. You can choose more than one school. The College Board will send your scores directly to the schools you select. Once the school receives your scores, the processing will take up to a week.

How much is the fee?

The exam fee is in US Dollars. It is around $120 in 2017 (the time of writing). Remember though that your exam expenses might still skyrocket, especially if you have to travel to take the exam.

You can also download the SAT registration booklet on their website

What’s next?

You will receive an email confirmation along with instructions on what to do and bring on the test date. Bear in mind that you need to PRINT the confirmation slip and you need to bring a valid picture ID with signature on the test date.

The confirmation slip will look something like this (it may differ as this is an SAT Subject Test confirmation slip):


Again, remember to bring the following items with you on the SAT test day:

  1. A valid ID with picture and signature
  2. The test confirmation slip – PRINTED OUT. They will not accept confirmation slips on your smartphone.

Take note of the instructions. The test centers will only open at a specific time and close promptly right before the exam time, so make sure you are early.

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