CIT-U: The Entrance Exam Facts for Incoming College Freshmen

Requirements for college application, CIT-U only needs three things 1. certified copy of report card, 2. certificate of good moral character and, 3. photocopy of ID (passport, school ID, any official ID).

1.Easy requirements

Unlike most schools with countless requirements for college application, CIT-U only needs three things:

But remember to bring a few No. 2 Mongol pencils with eraser for the exams.

Once you have the needed requirements, just go to the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS) to fill up the personal information data form. Afterwards, submit the form along with the requirements to the OAS officer. After a few minutes, you will get a paper with the needed information necessary to pay the entrance exam fee of 200 pesos and 50 pesos for the digital picture. The 250 pesos fee will have to be paid at the Accounting Office.

2. There is a photo shoot

After paying and after showing your proof of payment, go back to the OAS where your ID photo will be taken while wearing the CIT-U school uniform. After that, the OAS admissions officers will call your name to give out the examination schedule and permit, along with the receipt.

3. Tests, tests and more tests

You will be asked to wait in the Guidance Counselor’s Office until it is time for you to take the test. Someone will lead you to the exam room and assign you a seat. Prepare a sharpened No. 2 Mongol with an eraser.

There will be two tests: an IQ test and an English test

The IQ test will consist of four subtests while English will consist of spelling, grammar, vocabulary and, reading comprehension.

Remember: Shade the rectangles properly and have proper time management

4. Fast result

After 20 minutes, your results will be ready. If you took the test on a Saturday at 11:00 am you will get your results on Monday since the office is only open for half a day (morning) on Saturdays.

You can expect to get the results as early as 8:00 am in the morning. If you come in the afternoon, the office will open at 2:00 pm.

5. Enrollment If you pass the tests, you can enroll on April. You need to prepare the following requirements:

There will be assessments, forms to fill up, and payment which will be discounted if paid in cash. Your course load will be given along with a school guideline book. The Enrollment will be under the purview of the Enrollment Technical Office (ETO).

Check out their College Enrollment Procedure for Freshmen Guide:

College Enrollment Procedure for Freshmen Guide


6. Scholarships

CIT-U has a number of academic and non-academic scholarships for incoming first year college students. Check out this page for the scholarships offered and their respective requirements:

If you did not pass, remember that it is just a test and that there are many factors which could have affected your state of mind, way of answering and finding the answers. True intelligence is boundless and there will always be a next time and a path for you.

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