Cebu Normal University - College of Arts Entrance Exam Tips

Did you know that Cebu Normal University (CNU) is one of the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) that adopts a free-tuition policy? Here are some tips for those who might be interested in applying to CNU

1.Brush up

The entrance exam will include IQ tests: verbal and non-verbal, English tests: language and reading comprehension and your desired course test. So, brush up on your vocabulary and desired course.

2. Roll call

Be there before the exam time. When it is already time, listen attentively for your name so that you would be seated in your respective seat.

3. Personal necessities

You can still have time to attend to your needs because they will give you a lengthy time to prepare and calm yourself but be warned, you can’t leave once testing will start.

4 Prepare light snacks

Light snacks and water is all you need. You are not there to enjoy a full meal. Focus all your attention on answering the test questionnaires.

5. Results

You can get your results one month later where you can call the school if you passed or not – note that they won't give you your scores. If you do want to see your scores, bring your ID, test permit and receipt. If you need someone to get it for you, they need to show their ID and your ID.

The requirements needed for the undergraduate studies are the following:

For Transferees: You need to submit your TOR with 1.75 general average and NO FAILURE NOR DEFICIENCES; the same requirements for freshmen applicants.

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