5 Things to Know When Taking the USJ-R College Entrance Examination

1. Information is just one click away

You can find out the needed requirements for the USJ-R College entrance exams online. You no longer need to go to the university just to get the requirement list and must go back again once you have everything marked off that list.

Requirements Original and photocopy of report card 1 piece 2x2 picture (colored or black and white) Php 150.00 Testing Fee Here’s a link to their page, for your reference: https://www.facebook.com/univ.san.jose.recoletos/

2. The immediate IQ Test

After I passed my requirements, filled up a form and paid the examination fee at the accounting office, I was given a test permit to take the test on the given time indicated on the permit. Luckily, they supply you with a pencil once you go to your respective venue. The IQ test is about an hour long. And since it is an IQ test, there really is not that much need to study or prepare for such test.

The test schedule are as follows:

Starting January 13, 2018 - every Saturday (Morning Only) Schedule:

Starting March 26, 2018 - Monday to Friday (Whole Day) Schedule; Saturday (Morning Only) Schedule



Half Day Schedule (Saturday)

3. Immediate results too

After the exam, I waited for an hour for my test results to be evaluated and released. I then met up with the guidance counselor where I was shown my non-verbal, verbal and average IQ.

You need an IQ above 96, where 112 is equivalent to above average.

4. Enrollment is also as easy as π = 3.14

They will then give you your result as part of the requirement for the enrollment. Along with the results, you also need to submit your report card, good moral character certificate, NSO certified birth certificate, NCAE, 2 pieces 2x2 photos and 1,500 pesos.

5. Failure is a step to success

If you did not pass the exam, just know that it is just a test and there are still other factors that would have affected your results or state of thought. Improper time management, hunger, mental block, stress and improper shading are few of the factors that could also affect your results and that intelligence is developed and not defined. There are still other paths you can take which will lead you to greatness.

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